KES Preventative Maintenance

KES’ Preventive Maintenance (PM) program proposes a broad, “perspective-based” strategy based on the knowledge of the mean time-between failure figures. Such a method reduces breakdowns and avoids losses caused by unexpected stops.

Our PM program’s strategy focuses on keeping your equipment in peak condition, performing planned maintenance at regular intervals and, as a result, minimizing failures. With our studied approach, we can identify components that are about to fail, and perform needed repairs before your production suffers.

KES believes this sort of comprehensive, forward-looking approach to PM is the most beneficial to your business, and will bring quicker and better results. Additionally, we use advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solutions that will standardize and improve your maintenance processes transparently, letting you see every step of the process and helping you better understand your business.

The greatest benefit of using KES Machine for your PM program isn’t the 90% reduction in OEM support calls, however, but our dedicated customer service and support. We guarantee an immediate response from one of our technicians- as opposed to making you wait hours, days, or even weeks for a response from your manufacturer’s team.

Comprehensive PM Full-time PM PKG Includes:

Implementation of CMMS Solution

  1. Work Order Management
  2.   Service Task Management
  3.   Asset Management
  4.   Critical Parts Inventory
  5.   Preventive Maintenance
  6.   Fully Custom Key Performance Indicator Reports
  7.   Paperless System
  8.   Audit Ready

Procedures and Tasks

  1. Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  2.   Common Failure Tasks
  3.   Standardized Service Tasks
  4.   Critical Parts Inventory
  5.   Non-standard Controller Familiarization and Documentation

PM Program | Machine Evaluation | Data Collection

  1.  Perform PM Tasks Per Schedule
  2.   Establish Factual Machine Condition
  3.   Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Mechanical Condition
  4.   Machine Operation Improvement: Filtration, Lubrication, etc.
  5.   Annual Diagnostic Ballbar Test w/ Documented Results

On-Site Priority Machine Service

  1. Dedicated Full-time Machine Maintenance/Service Crew (1+ People TBD)
  2.   Multiple Engineers/Techs w/ Different Skill Sets
  3.   Initial Familiarization w/ non-standard Equipment Req’d
  4.   Replacement Part Sourcing and Custom Manufacturing
  5.   In-house component repair (drives, power supplies, monitors, etc.)

6 Integrated Supplier Option for All Parts Sourcing

KES’ PM programs wouldn’t be possible with out our technicians. As “service experts, with an artisan touch”, we know that we are the best people to call on to keep your business moving. We have experience and training in:

  • Fanuc
  • Siemens
  • Mazak
  • DMG
  • Heidenhain
  • Yaskawa
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