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Laser Linear Calibration

KES Machine uses high accuracy Renishaw laser equipment to calibrate your CNC machines, ensuring precise, repeatable quality for your clients run after run after run.

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Machine Service & Repair

CNC and shop machine service experts with an artisan touch - KES can support your machines' axis drives, spindle drives, drive modules, stepper motors, power supplies, and monitors.

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KES Preventative Maintenance

KES’ unique PM program proposes a broad, “perspective based” strategy based on the knowledge of the mean time-between failure figures to avoid losses caused by unexpected stops.

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Machine Safety Management

You can rely on our CNC machine experts' decades of experience to help protect your most valuable asset: people. KES will prevent injuries, lost time, and production delays.

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Laser Volumetric Calibration

Even when machine tools are new, there are positioning errors in multiple degrees of freedom that vary throughout the working volume. During the normal operational life, machine performance will degrade due to mechanical wear.

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